Looking to build a website to share food recipes? These WordPress recipe themes are exactly what you need to share your recipes in a presentable way.

Cooking food is part of life. Some people seem to fall in love with the idea of cooking new things. Some prefer to refine old recipes. And these days there is no lack of amazing food recipes platforms. But, that should not stop anyone from starting their own. Everyone has their own creative abilities and gifts to offer. Needless to say, restaurants can benefit equally as much by adding a recipe blog type to their website. Having said that, we did include a number of food recipes themes that combine a restaurant layout with cooking recipes widgets.


Ranna is an enticing food recipe WordPress theme, helping you create either a niche or a general blog. If you are passionate about cooking tasty dishes but have no experience with building websites, that’s when Ranna comes into play. It is a remarkably simplistic, yet impactful, theme that anyone can profit from. Whether you are establishing your first blog or you are an experienced developer, Ranna is for both. After all, the hard work is already done for you, and if you ever want to tweak the default settings, do it with the drag and drop builder.

Kick things off by selecting one from the two available homes. Moreover, Ranna rocks different recipe pages, header and footer styles, custom Elementor addons and a full-blown recipe submission layout. The page is also 100% responsive, compatible with web browsers, fast loading and optimized for SEO. Make a difference with Ranna now and start sharing your must-try recipes with the world.

Food Recipes

Food Recipes gets straight to the point and wastes no time to define its purpose. This feature-rich WordPress theme is ideal for food recipe blogs and catalogs. Chefs, cooking enthusiasts, foodies, and personal bloggers can all apply Food Recipes for their needs. The design calls attention towards simplicity and traditional website values. Use your homepage to highlight trending and featured recipes. The content navigation (breadcrumbs) is primarily based on tags, rather than categories.

Those with a peculiar taste in food are often seeking for recipes with particular ingredients, which makes Food Recipes ahead of the curve. Your readers can become contributors by submitting their own recipes. And because they have to create an account to do, you can organically start building a food-oriented community. Furthermore, recipe blog posts are structured for recipes, not for long-form content. Your custom widgets include Ingredients widget, custom post data in the form of ratings and views, and recipes cooking method outline which is based on individual steps.

With this precise approach to displaying recipes, know that Google will reward you with extra traffic. These days, when people search for “How to cook a chicken?”, it is usually a featured snippet that gets returned. Because Food Recipes follows this content structure, chances are your recipes will get that necessary boost from promoted search results.

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